Japan 2014

Eric and I spent our anniversary in Japan, which for me, was 13 years in the making. I studied Japanese in high school, and as it turns out, if you are not an American citizen and your work visa runs out, the U.S. government doesn’t hesitate to deport you. So off went my teacher, and our class trip, but I digress. Back to Japan! It’s incredible, and I would absolutely move there given the chance. I’ve already Googled: “Teaching English in Japan.” The Japanese are the most polite people on the planet, and their country is one of the safest in the world. Not to mention it’s clean, well organized, and incredibly efficient.

In just six (action packed) days, I’m an intense traveler. We got a taste for Tokyo, Kyoto, Koyasan, and Osaka. We saw cities, the countryside, the mountains, overnighted in a Buddhist monastery (amazing right!?) Ate crazy fun foods, and absolutely fell in love with Japan. So without further ado, here is just a tiny sliver of what we saw during cherry blossom season, two weeks ago. (All shot on the Fuji x100s, for my photographer friends.)

aodell japan2014 001

aodell japan2014 031

aodell japan2014 002

aodell japan2014 017

aodell japan2014 029

aodell japan2014 026

aodell japan2014 009

aodell japan2014 005

aodell japan2014 006

aodell japan2014 036

aodell japan2014 022

aodell japan2014 027

aodell japan2014 032

aodell japan2014 033

aodell japan2014 035

aodell japan2014 034

aodell japan2014 004

aodell japan2014 011

aodell japan2014 037

aodell japan2014 020

aodell japan2014 021

aodell japan2014 028

aodell japan2014 003

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Anthropologie’s BHLDN at Chestnut Hill

Last week I had a blast shooting an event and fashion show for BHLDN (Anthropologie’s sister brand.) The Chestnut Hill store is the fourth shop-in-shop for BHLDN, which combines my two favorite stores, Anthropologie and BHLDN. When Eric and I got married 3 years ago, BHLDN had just opened their online store a month before we left for our wedding, so I quickly snatched up a killer necklace, but if I could have wore one of these dresses, I would have been a very happy camper. There’s always the renewal! Fast forward 3 years and I had the opportunity to immerse myself in all of their pretty little things (as well as Foret Design’s florals) for an evening, and check out their newest looks for the season.

Here is just a taste of the evening, and ladies, if you haven’t chosen your dress and/or bridesmaids dresses yet, definitely stop by the store to see these pieces, and more, in person!

aodell BHLDN 027

aodell BHLDN 024

aodell BHLDN 019

aodell BHLDN 020

aodell BHLDN 025

aodell BHLDN 026

aodell BHLDN 022

aodell BHLDN 023

aodell BHLDN 018

aodell BHLDN 017

aodell BHLDN 034

aodell BHLDN 028

aodell BHLDN 029

aodell BHLDN 030

aodell BHLDN 031

aodell BHLDN 035

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