Ashley + Mark at Smith & Wollensky

Ashley and Mark had one of the most unique weddings I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of. First of all, they had a SURPRISE wedding! 30 of their closet family members and friends were invited to a “party” at Smith & Wollensky, nothing more, nothing less, but approximately 45 minutes into cocktail hour, Ashley snuck away to change into a wedding dress. Most, if not all, of the guests saw it coming, but the confirmation still brought a smile to everyone’s face, and I loved being in on the secret!

Their favorite four piece band from New Orleans, Fritzel’s New Orleans Jazz Band, also joined in on the festivities, and kept the crowd on their feet throughout the night. Mark and his kids are no novices in the music department either, music filled the night with original songs dedicated to the couple, covers of current favorites, and a clarinet duo by Mark and his daughter.

Finally, I joined Ashley and Mark at their new home (but more accurately) on their beautiful sailboat Hope, for a portrait session and sunset sail around Wings Cove, near the Cape. Seriously, could my job be any cooler!? Thanks for sharing such a neat experience with me!

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Ceremony + Reception: Smith & Wollensky
Event Designer: Dwayne Ridgaway
Band: Fritzel's New Orleans Jazz Band


Hawaii Wedding Photographer

Although based in Boston, and raised in the Midwest, I grew up around Hawaiian culture, both on the islands and back home in Wisconsin. My dad was one of the whitest Irish men you would have ever met, but he fell in love with Polynesian culture back in the early 80s, even teaching himself much of the Hawaiian language through song (he was a killer singer and performer.) So my parents (a used car salesman and a factory worker) would scrimp and save everyday so we could spend as much time on the islands as possible, and for these experiences, I am forever grateful.

Now as an adult, I have returned with my husband Eric a few times (my heart still belongs to the Pacific) and as much as we love Boston, we’re hoping to slowly begin a transition to the islands, while still maintaining a home base on the East Coast. So here’s where you come in! Are you, or do you know someone getting married on the islands in the next year or two? If so, please send them my way, as I am waiving all travel expenses (a huge savings) for the first few weddings I book.


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