Meredith and Blitz’s wedding at the Cyclorama is featured in the fall/winter 2019 issue of The Knot! And understandably so, when you find out there was a ball pit (yes, you read that right), custom made puppets for Blitz’s solo of Rainbow Connection, a cake made of cheese, and a stunning ceremony in the round.

There’s a ton of info. below, so if you’re immersed in the wedding planning process yourself, be sure to check out all of the process details–beneath the photos.

Cyclorama wedding featured in The Knot

People often say: a picture is worth a thousand words, but when a couple has so thoughtfully written to The Knot’s queries, you should hear the details from the masterminds themselves! (See below for all of Meredith and Blitz’s wedding extravaganza ingredients.)

Pointed suede wedding flatswedding rings Portrait of a Bride and Groom in the South End of Boston Wedding boutineer and bouquet South End Boston wedding Ceremony in the round at the Cyclorama Cyclorama wedding ceremony Cyclorama wedding ceremony Wedding ceremony in the round at the Cyclorama Boston Wedding escort cards Long reception tables at the Cyclorama Wedding reception ball pit Moscow Mule mugs as favors Custom bride and groom puppets

Ceremony + Reception: Cyclorama | Planner + Florist: Tyger Productions | Photographer: Ashley O’Dell | Catering: MAX Ultimate Food | Band: The Sultans | Paper Products: Wouldn’t it be Lovely | Hair + Makeup: Makeup2DieFor | Cake: Formaggio Kitchen South End | Jewelry: Sophie Hughes Jewelry | Rentals: Party Rental LTD |

The nitty-gritty from Meredith and Blitz:


Meredith: We met through mutual friends several years ago, and always enjoyed talking at group gatherings. After hitting it off at a friend’s wedding and at another party in October 2015, we began dating.


Meredith: We designed the rings together, so my one stipulation was that Blitz surprise me with the proposal itself. We had a long weekend in Portland, ME planned, and Blitz decided to co-opt it and propose. He had a friend who was also in town, and set up a time to see him. The friend suggested meeting up at a park about a half an hour from downtown with a beautiful view of the water.

Of course, I managed to mess it all up. It was incredibly cold in Portland the day we arrived, and there was no way I was driving 30 minutes to freeze outside when there was a nice view of the water a few blocks from our hotel. So I asked if we might meet the friend at a brewery instead. Little did I know, the whole e-mail chain was a ruse, and Blitz had been planning to propose by the water by hiring a local photographer to set up the scene – since he wasn’t familiar with the area. Still, he managed to text behind my back like a madman and get the setup switched to a fun local brew pub (Run of the Mill). When we sat down at the table there, our song (Earth Angel, the Death Cab for Cutie version) came on, and Blitz turned to me and proposed. He then pointed out that the photographer had managed to scatter model ladybugs (my favorite) all around the restaurant and the table, and I hadn’t even noticed!

Blitz: Surprising Mer is HARD. She knew all of our plans for the weekend, and it was really tough to find a way to surprise her. But I knew after changing the location from the park to the brewery, she definitely wasn’t on to my plan. Either that or she is a lot meaner than I think!

Meredith: In terms of the rings, given all of the environmental and humanitarian concerns surrounding gem mining. it was important to us that the jeweler we selected source stones ethically as possible. From our first call with the team at Sophie Hughes Jewelry, we knew they were a great fit who could execute what we wanted. I had a pear-shaped diamond from my grandmother that we were able to use for a traditional, simple bezel-set ring – but as we’d discussed alternative engagement ring options, we also had a set of less traditional rings made: a very pale blue sapphire slice in an open bezel setting, stacked with a small salt and pepper diamond.


Meredith: Just under 11 months. He proposed on November 11, 2017, and we were married on October 6, 2018.


Meredith: We hired a planner and event designer, Tyger Productions, to design the space and coordinate the details.


Meredith: We were married in Boston, Mass, my hometown.

We were looking for a venue that felt like “us” – urban, architecturally interesting, and most importantly, which didn’t feel like a standard hotel ballroom. We also knew that we wanted an indoor wedding, as we were nervous about unpredictable New England weather spoiling a beautiful outdoor venue. But we knew we’d have a pretty sizable wedding, and there were only so many options that could fit 250+ people and fit those criteria. Our venue, the Cyclorama, was a perfect fit. It is not just a wedding venue – it is used for everything from performances to beer festivals. The space has exposed brick and a stunning dome skylight – plus, the circular shape of the space allowed us to make some fun choices. For example, our ceremony took place in the round, which made a larger wedding feel a bit more intimate. We also both care deeply about the arts, and loved that the Cyclorama is a part of the Boston Center for the Arts complex – and situated on a lively street in the middle of the city.


Meredith: Yes – we told our fabulous photographer Ashley O’Dell that we wanted a mix of greenery and cityscape, and she selected a stretch of walkway called the Southwest Corridor path that was situated between the hotel where we got ready and the Cyclorama. It was the perfect mix of urban gardens with some cityscape in the background, and the walk from there to the Cyclorama was full of tree-lined streets (the leaves had just started to turn!) and gorgeous architecture. It all made for a truly incredible set of photographs.

The first look took place at 3pm before our 6pm ceremony.



Meredith: I wore a WTOO by Watters dress (style: Hathaway) with an art deco-esque beaded bodice and simple chiffon skirt, a fingertip length tulle veil accented with pearls from Etsy, and a pair of burgundy suede Kate Spade heels (the block heels were an absolute lifesaver, as I was on my feet for hours!).

For jewelry, I wore a pair of simple gold and diamond drop earrings and a garnet and diamond bracelet, both of which were made by the same incredible jeweler who made our rings: Sophie Hughes. The whole Sophie Huges team was such a joy to work with on all of the jewelry.

After the ceremony, I changed into a pair of bright, multi-colored Converse that I designed in red/orange/yellow/navy to match our décor. They are spunky and fun, and I knew I would continue to wear them after the wedding, unlike a lot of the special bridal sneakers out there!

Blitz wore a navy Indochino suit, a white Indochino shirt, and for fun, a pair of “tacosaurus” socks and wood cufflinks from Etsy that we mixed together from two sets: one pizza slice and one taco, two of our favorite foods.


Meredith: We did not have a wedding party. I got ready with a group of my closest female friends (and for part of the time, with Blitz’s sisters and sister-in-law), who all had their hair and make-up done by the team from Makeup2Die4. Blitz had a group of his close friends and siblings with him as he got ready in the morning.



Meredith: It was incredibly important to us that our wedding was fun, not too serious, and included some whimsical elements – much like our relationship itself. While it wasn’t a casual wedding, per se, we really wanted our guests to feel comfortable and have a good time, and all of our decisions were driven by this central motivation.

We wanted to highlight the space, which in its blank form, includes white walls framing the venue. Most people pipe-and-drape them, but we thought it would be fun to liven them up, and covered them with giant murals of watercolor brushstrokes in bright, bold colors.

We also wanted to emphasize the stunning architecture of the high ceilings without hiding them at all, so our planner/designer came up with the idea of hanging strands of bright red/orange/yellow petals to make use of the height of the room.

Our planner/designer had the creative idea to build a ball pit, and hired a photographer to take photos as sort of a live action photo booth. We ordered some silly food themed hats (pizza, hot dogs, burgers, pineapple, etc.) to make the whole experience even more ridiculous and fun. The kids loved it, but the adults may have enjoyed it even more.


Meredith: As we had a fall wedding and my favorite colors are red/orange tones, we went with a palette that included reds/oranges/yellows, along with some blue accents (Blitz’s favorite color).

We used these colors EVERYWHERE: from the ceiling treatment to the centerpieces to the giant mural that wrapped the walls surrounding the venue. We really wanted to break from the fussy “white wedding” aesthetic as dramatically as possible.


Meredith: We absolutely loved working with Caitlin Spaulding of Wouldn’t It Be Lovely on our invitation suite and other printed materials. We were looking for an untraditional, painterly design and found a fun design in her online portfolio that we asked her to build on for our invitations. She is such a chameleon – she can do intricate, classic watercolors of venues or bold, abstract modern designs like ours. Caitlin immediately understood our vision, and put together a gorgeous invitation that incorporated the reds/oranges/yellows that we wanted to highlight, but which also included blue accents (Blitz’s favorite color). We loved her work so much that we carried it over into the décor of the wedding itself by having her design the mural that surrounded the room. She also carried this design through to the programs, escort cards, and bar/gift signage.


Meredith: We tried to keep the use of flowers very minimal throughout the whole event. We would have been fine having no flowers at all: I had initially toyed with an alternative bouquet (giant paper flowers, some other fun item) and non-floral centerpieces, but it was really hard to find alternatives that like the right fit.

We asked our planner/designer, Tyger Productions, for options, and after many iterations that were too traditional for our taste, we eventually landed on the simple selection of minimal red orange and yellow pincushions, billyballs, calla lilies, ranunculus and dahlias in terrariums with white stones, intermixed with reflective glass boxes filled with tiny string lights.

For the bouquet, we used pincushions, billyballs, calla lilies, and ranunculas. I wanted to make sure my bouquet did not feel too cookie cutter (or too “round”), and loved the variation in texture and unexpected shapes that the billyballs and pincushions gave it.

The boutonnieres were calla lillies and billy balls wrapped with copper wire.



Meredith: The main space at the Cyclorama is a giant round room with a brick floor, and the ceremony took place in the center, underneath the gorgeous dome skylight. The ceremony space was pipe-and-draped off from the rest of the room, which was set for dinner.

The ceremony took place in the round– we loved that this highlighted the shape and individual nature of the venue, and it made the whole experience feel a bit more intimate given the large size of our party.

The focal point of the décor was the ceiling treatment – strands of multicolored petals hanging above the space. Our photographer, Ashley O’Dell, happens to be particularly skilled at architectural photography, and got some truly gorgeous shots of how it all came together.

We married under a simple copper chuppah decorated with strands of the same multicolored petals used in the ceiling treatment. We were looking for something relatively simple, but that tied the whole aesthetic together. Under the chuupah was a rose gold/copper table holding the wine and Kiddush cup. As we are both relatively short and have gone to enough weddings where we couldn’t see the bride and groom, we made sure to have our planners raise the chuppah on a plain white platform so that people could actually see us from the back rows!

The aisle was lined with some of the reflective glass boxes with lights that we also used as centerpieces on the tables.


Meredith: We are both Jewish, and though neither of us is very observant, we wanted to be married by a Rabbi.

Prior to the ceremony, we had a small ceremony where two of our friends signed our ketubah, the traditional Jewish marriage document, as witnesses. In designing the ketubah, we selected a modern text written for an egalitarian marriage, rather than the traditional text.

The wedding ceremony itself included many traditional Jewish elements, though we made them our own a bit – it is traditional for the bride to circle the groom 7 times, but more modern couples circle the other 3 times each, and do the final circle together – as our wedding was in the round, we decided to walk around our chuppah together as the final circle.

We also included the hamotzi blessing over a challah an the wine before the meal.


Meredith: Blitz walked down the aisle by himself. I was escorted by both my mother and father.


Meredith: I like to think so! We put a lot of thought into this portion of the evening. Blitz was a music major in college, and music is a big part of our relationship – my parents have a home in the Berkshires, and we spend a lot of time at Tanglewood (the Boston Symphony’s summer home) each summer.

Blitz always knew he wanted a brass quintet for a ceremony, as he often feels that the string quartets commonly used don’t have enough “oomph” for a ceremony. Through a connection from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music , we were put in touch with a talented young trombonist, Victoria Garcia, who coordinated the brass quintet for us.

Blitz walked down the aisle to a selection entitled “Ging heut’ morgen über’s Feld” from “Songs of a Wayfarer” by Gustav Mahler, his favorite composer. I walked down the aisle to “Make Our Garden Grow” from Candide by Leonard Bernstein, highlighting my love of musical theater.

Our recessional was the theme to Back to the Future, as we first really hit it off at a Back to the Future themed party. It was the perfect lighthearted yet celebratory ending to the ceremony.

Blitz: Following the recessional was the Cantina Theme from Star Wars. That was another fun touch.


Meredith: We wrote our own words about each other which led into vows, all of which were read by the Rabbi. It was important to us that these were both thoughtful enough to honor our commitment to each other, but like our relationship and wedding as a whole, also somewhat lighthearted. I’ve pasted in full below:

Meredith says about Blitz – From the beginning of our relationship, he has treated me with kindness and unbelievable attentiveness. I am constantly in awe of his ability to stay calm even when the world around him is spinning, and to think of others before he thinks of himself.  His unflappable faith in me makes me a better advocate for myself, and his unapologetic love of Dad jokes forces me to take everything a little bit less seriously. He can sense when I am stressed and will always offer me a hand to squeeze – or when I am in dire need of a Diet Coke (which he always restocks in the fridge). As an only child, I pride myself on being comfortable on my own, but I now cannot imagine a life without him by my side – and a day without a kiss from him on my forehead. He makes me a better version of myself.

And Blitz says of Meredith: What is obvious is how smart, capable, and kind Mer is. She takes joy in the amazing world around us, from the arts to culture and food, and keeps our lives exciting. But mostly, I am constantly overwhelmed by how much she cares: for me, family, friends, or even those she doesn’t even know, she goes out of her way to make things better. Whether that is bringing me soup and forcing me to take Tylenol when I have a fever, or keeping me afloat when I am crushed with work or making a special meal for us to share, I know I am privileged to get the best of her. Today, I take all of her (Red Sox fan and cargo-pants hater included) so that I keep getting the best of her, knowing that I am only my best with her.

And so, Alex and Meredith, the vows you now declare consecrate your relationship with your partner.

“Do you, Alex, take Meredith to be your lawfully wedded wife – and taco seeking companion – to love, to honor, and to cherish?”

“Do you, Meredith, take Alex to be your lawfully wedded husband – and dumpling crawl partner – to love, to honor, to cherish?”


Meredith: We were decidedly low maintenance in terms of transportation: we walked to the venue from our hotel taking photographs along the way, and caught the final shuttle back after the party (we’d planned to take an Uber, but the shuttle was still sitting there and offered us a ride!).


Meredith: All of the above! We had two specialty cocktails from our incredible caterer, MAX Ultimate Food: the Maple Bourbon Smash (Bourbon, Maple Syrup, Strawberry Puree, Lemon Juice, Micro Basil & Splash of OJ) and the Beekeeper (Gin, Housemade Limoncello, Lavender-Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice, Eucalyptus Bitters with Honey Powder Rim). The bar was also stocked with the ingredients to make a negroni and a Moscow mules or dark and stormy, along with some of our favorite whiskeys and liquors. In terms of beer, we selected local craft options like Harpoon IPA, Jack’s Abby Copper Legend, and Downeast Cider complemented by other favorites (Left Hand Milk Stout).

We used a wine from one of our favorite wineries (the Terraces in Napa Valley) for the ceremony and the hamotzi blessing before the meal.

For the cocktail hour and dinner, we served wine from two delightful wineries we’ve visited in our travels: the Three Cape Ladies red blend from Warwick (South Africa) and a Pinot Gris from Adelsheim (Willamette Valley, Oregon), in addition to another white and red option.

There was a cheese and pork-free charcuterie station (my mother keeps semi-kosher, so there was no pork or shellfish in the meal), and a ceviche/crudo bar, plus a bunch of delicious passed hors d’oeuvres.

We both love musical theater, so for the cocktail hour, we put together consisting of songs from Broadway musicals – everything from Rent to Hamilton to Wicked to Hedwig and the Angry Inch and so on. It played quietly in the background, so we’re not sure most people even noticed the theme – but it was a fun touch that was meaningful to us.


Meredith: For the starter, we had a plated soup course. Our caterer, MAX Ultimate Food, has a signature first course that they call a piece of edible art: a bowl of artfully-placed vegetables and edible flowers into which the diner pours carafes of two different cold soups, which are viscous enough to hold their texture, so the diner can mix them together or keep separate. We didn’t even realize it until several guests pointed it out, but the colors of the beet and carrot soups matched our décor!

We both find that plated entrees at weddings usually leave something to be desired, so we knew from the get-go that we wanted dinner stations with creative offerings (we’ve had too many overcooked beef tenderloins/fillets of fish and mushy pasta at weddings).

MAX put together an incredible assortment: I asked for a pasta station, and theirs included sweet potato tortellini with sage brown butter, garganelli with roasted vegetables, and a mind-blowingly delicious gluten free ricotta gnudi with spinach and mushrooms (my favorite). For the carving station, they had a roast turkey breast, a pastrami, a bbq and fig braised short rib, and a rare seared tuna loin that we couldn’t stop eating at the tasting.

We asked MAX to come up with a a vegetable station inspired by the Ottolenghi restaurants in London – essentially, a spread of colorful and delicious vegetables prepared in unique ways that were filling enough to be a meal in and of themselves. Once again, MAX hit it out of the park – they had carrot and chickpea salad; grilled eggplant with lemony yogurt sauce with pomegranate; roasted squash with tahini and feta; grilled portobellos and shallots with rosemary-dijon vinaigrette; quinoa with orange, caperberries, fennel & pistachio; and baby arugula and frisee with figs and balsamic.

Our guests all commented that their various allergies and sensitivities were easily handled, which was important to us as well.


Meredith: We knew from before we were even engaged that we did not want a traditional wedding cake. We both love cheese, so instead we had a “cake” made up of layered cheese wheels. David Robinson, the buyer for the well-known local cheese shop, Formaggio Kitchen South End, helped us select the perfect assortment.

The bottom layer was Cabot Clothbound, one of our favorite New England cheddars; the second layer was Ekiola ardi gasna, a firm Basque sheep’s milk cheese; the third was a semisoft mixed cow and goat’s milk cheese called Trompe L’ouiel (similar to a Morbier), and the fourth was Humboldt Fog goat cheese. The top layer was a soft cheese that we forget the name of (but it was delicious). The “cake” was simply decorated with some of the flowers used throughout the evening. Instead of freezing our top layer for our first anniversary, my friend made us mac and cheese from the leftovers, which we can’t wait to eat next year!

We also had passed desserts, along with a liquid nitrogen ice cream station, which was so much fun. We had originally thought it might be fun to park an ice cream truck outside the venue, but could not due to zoning restrictions. When our catering manager suggested the liquid nitrogen ice cream station (provided by the Wiches of Boston) we knew immediately that it was a perfect fit – fun, unexpected, but most importantly, delicious. They even had a delicious non-dairy coconut-based option!


Meredith: We hit it off at a Back to the Future themed party, so “Earth Angel,” a song from the movie, has always been our song. Early in our relationship, we picked the Death Cab for Cutie version as our favorite, and our band, the wonderful Sultans of Swing, covered that version for us.


Meredith: We had a live band for dinner/dancing – the Sultans of Swing. They were terrific, and did a great job of keeping the party going with a mix of classics and contemporary music.

We did not make a grand entrance, but there was one BIG musical surprise. Unbeknownst to me, Blitz, who was a vocal performance major in college, decided to perform at the wedding. He took the mic and started singing Rainbow Connection – which would have been enough of a sweet surprise. But no – as he continued to sing, it kept getting better. First, one of our friends came out with a Blitz look-a-like muppet, who “sang” along with him. Then, a Mer look-a-like muppet emerged (complete with a wedding dress that looked like mine). This was followed by a whole group of our friends coming out with rainbow streamers and scarves in a choreographed dance. Blitz – who claims he hates to plan surprises – had somehow gathered a group of our closest friends to pull off the whole thing, and it honestly it could not have been more perfect. I have since read the whole chain of e-mails and learned about all the detailed planning that went into this surprise, and just feel so lucky to have a husband and group of friends who would work so hard to put it together.


Meredith: The song/muppets! It was just such a perfect surprise…and I still can’t believe he pulled it off without me figuring it out. I had NO idea.

Also – when we finished the hora, Blitz turned to me and said – take my hand, we’re going to the ball pit. Completely unplanned, we made a run for it, and jumped into the ball pit, almost jumping onto some of my young cousins who were hidden underneath the balls.

Blitz: The look on Mer’s face when the second muppet (the one that looked like her) appeared. Our wonderful photographer, Ashley O’Dell, was able to capture it perfectly, which is even better.


Meredith: Our planners suggested copper Moscow mule mugs in place of traditional water glasses, and we loved the brightness these brought to the table. However, when we saw how expensive the rentals were, we had second thoughts. It turned out, it was even more affordable to buy enough Moscow mule mugs for everyone and give them out as favors. We assigned seating at the tables, so each mug had a tag that read the guest’s name on the front, and “Take me home tonight!” on the back. To personalize them, we placed clear, waterproof stickers with our names and wedding date on the bottom – a subtle, but hidden, reminder of our event.

We DIYed our welcome bags, and made sure to include Gatorade (essential), Cape Cod potato chips for a touch of Boston, and favorite snacks/sweets like Munchies Snack Mix (Mer’s guilty pleasure junk food); Peanut M&Ms (Blitz’s weakness); and Haribo gummy bears (our shared favorite).


Meredith: We love it all: from our casual serving dishes (the Campagna series from Solimene of Vietri with handpainted colorful animals) to the splurge high-end knives (we both love to cook) to the gorgeous china to the practical items like the vacuum and suitcases. Some of our friends also pitched in to get us the custom muppets from MyCustomMuppet, which were such a meaningful gift. Overall, we were blown away by the generosity of our friends and family.


Meredith: The same advice a few friends gave me – don’t be afraid to speak your mind, and let people know your true feelings about proposed ideas. Just because something is traditional or expected doesn’t mean it works for you, and it is your wedding, so it should reflect you. And remember to have fun, or none of the work is worth it.

Also – if you are using a planner, make sure your planner “gets” you and your vision for the wedding, and is upfront about the way they work, who will staff the wedding, and how they handle vendor/client communications.


Meredith: Of course, not everything went perfectly. We learned the day before our wedding that Ty Kuppig, the principal of Tyger Productions, with whom we had been in contact on almost everything regarding the planning, would not be present at the wedding itself (though his capable project manager Eric Fortin was on hand the whole night). That was a difficult surprise to handle, and I’m not sure we’re laughing about it yet.

Our planners sent me a photo of my bouquet the day before the wedding, and it did not look anything like the inspiration photos I had put together for them, so they had to remake it. Ultimately it came out looking great, but I had a moment of panic when I looked at it and thought, “oh man, that’s really not what I wanted!” and was worried there was no time to fix it.

Due to a communication mishap, my mother was in the bathroom for the surprise muppet song and totally missed it. Luckily, our videographer was able to cut together a version for her to see.

As it so happened, the Red Sox (my team) were playing the Yankees (Blitz’s team) in the playoffs the night of our wedding. We’d thought when picking the date that there was no way they’d be playing each other that night, and we were very wrong. The Yankees won on our wedding night, but the Red Sox won the World Series, so I’ll take that outcome!