This has been the best year of my life. Yesterday Eric and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and after spending almost a decade together, it’s fun to have a 1st again. Neither of us thought getting married would feel any different than cohabitating, but it does, it’s even more fantastic.

We packed a lot in this past year, we were married in Italy (yes it was amazing), I opened my studio, we moved (goodbye Allston), traveled to new places, Eric went on tour (I’m married to a rockstar, at least he is to me), and most importantly, enjoyed every single day we had together. I don’t share many personal details online, but I feel incredibly thankful for the opportunities we’ve had, and the people we’ve shared them with, so thank you to those who have played an integral role in our lives.

Moving forward, I’m excited to share in several couples weddings this year, and wish you the same happiness I feel everyday.

And I couldn’t close without posting an image from our amazing friend and photographer Channing. Thank you for documenting a day in our lives in such a beautiful and meaningful way.