2015 marked my 9th year as a wedding photographer, which means 2016 makes 10, whaaat! That really snuck up on me. As I enter my 10th year, many new and exciting things are on the horizon; I am continuing to expand into fashion photography (more on that soon) and Hawaii is now my secondary location, for both wedding and fashion work.

But before 2016 really kicks in for the year, here is a look back at what 2015 had in store for me. I traveled throughout New England and beyond. I met passionate and interesting people. And I’ve learned a lot (yet again) along the way. So here’s to an even better 2016, and the couples I will have the opportunity to work with in the coming months.

 getting ready at the Fairmont Copley weddinghighlights2015-002 weddinghighlights2015-005 blindfolded first look weddinghighlights2015-008 engagement session portrait with a baby lamb on a California ranch weddinghighlights2015-011 weddinghighlights2015-010 wedding party formal at Jonathan Edwards Winery weddinghighlights2015-014 weddinghighlights2015-016 weddinghighlights2015-017 portrait of a bride and groom at Wequassett Resort weddinghighlights2015-019 weddinghighlights2015-020 weddinghighlights2015-021 weddinghighlights2015-054 weddinghighlights2015-055 gay couple married at the Charles River Museum of Industry weddinghighlights2015-103 weddinghighlights2015-027 weddinghighlights2015-025 weddinghighlights2015-028 weddinghighlights2015-032 weddinghighlights2015-034 weddinghighlights2015-030 weddinghighlights2015-037 couples first dance at The Sinclair Cambridge weddinghighlights2015-039 weddinghighlights2015-040 weddinghighlights2015-041 California ranch weddinghighlights2015-003 weddinghighlights2015-073 weddinghighlights2015-043 weddinghighlights2015-047 portrait of a bride and groom in the bamboo groves of Blithewold weddinghighlights2015-048 weddinghighlights2015-102 weddinghighlights2015-085 portrait of a bride and groom at Jonathan Edwards Winery weddinghighlights2015-049 wedding party formal portrait at Linden Place weddinghighlights2015-052 weddinghighlights2015-056 courtyard ceremony at the Boston Public Library weddinghighlights2015-022 weddinghighlights2015-092 weddinghighlights2015-058 table setting at The Sinclair Cambridge weddinghighlights2015-065 weddinghighlights2015-080 weddinghighlights2015-062 weddinghighlights2015-059 weddinghighlights2015-033 weddinghighlights2015-066 weddinghighlights2015-067 same sex couple gets ready together weddinghighlights2015-068 weddinghighlights2015-069 weddinghighlights2015-071 weddinghighlights2015-072 weddinghighlights2015-045 Poppy Floral bridal bouquet weddinghighlights2015-076 weddinghighlights2015-077 engagement portrait of a couple on a California ranch portrait of a bride and groom in Harvard Yard weddinghighlights2015-081 weddinghighlights2015-082 weddinghighlights2015-083 weddinghighlights2015-084 weddinghighlights2015-086 weddinghighlights2015-088 weddinghighlights2015-089 weddinghighlights2015-057 weddinghighlights2015-091 weddinghighlights2015-093 weddinghighlights2015-094 weddinghighlights2015-095 weddinghighlights2015-097 weddinghighlights2015-026 weddinghighlights2015-096 weddinghighlights2015-099 weddinghighlights2015-038 weddinghighlights2015-100 weddinghighlights2015-101