I’m a sucker for almost anything vintage, and I know it’s cool to be into modern decor now, but give me an old crate and a mason jar, and I’m still one happy camper. So immediately upon seeing the antique Ford truck at Zukas Hilltop Barn, I knew that would be the backdrop for many of our couple portraits. It was missing one thing though, bunny slippers.

aodell_zukashilltopbarn-001 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-002 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-003 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-004 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-006 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-007 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-008 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-009 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-010 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-011 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-012 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-035 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-013 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-014 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-015 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-036 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-016 Black and white bridal portrait at Zukas Hilltop Barn aodell_zukashilltopbarn-037 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-018 Portrait of a Bride and Groom at Zukas Hilltop Barn aodell_zukashilltopbarn-020 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-038 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-021 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-022 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-023 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-024 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-025 aodell_zukashilltopbarn-026Ceremony + Reception: Zukas Hilltop Barn | Flowers: Leslie Lee Floral Design