Hello, I’m Ashley!

Ashley-O'DellWhat I do:
I specialize in editorial wedding photography, with an emphasis on color, environmental portraiture, and detail. And as a boutique studio, accepting a maximum of 10 weddings per year, I am able to offer my clients the individual attention a wedding necessitates.

Available for events throughout the New England area, as well as the Hawaiian Islands.

Who I am:
I don’t have a particularly romantic story, my grandfather didn’t give me a camera when I was 5, my parents weren’t artists, and I didn’t work a corporate job until I found my true calling in photography, but I do have my story, so here’s a little about me, and how I ended up as a wedding photographer.

I used to be really into sports, powerlifting specifically. (And no, that’s not the tiny swimsuit parade some people imagine. I mean the ability to squat you, your fiancé and maybe a cat or two, depending on your weights.) The details of that are for another time, but I tease you with that snippet of information because it led me to art school. By the end of high school I was burnt out on athletics, making weight and stomaching protein bars (I don’t care what anyone says, they’re terrible), so when it came to selecting a college, I chose a school without a single team or mascot, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I didn’t have much of a portfolio, and my dad wasn’t thrilled about art school, but once I decide to do something (even if it’s on a whim) it’s on!

Fast forward 6 years, I’ve graduated with a BFA in Photography, I’ve worked as an assistant for a few years, and I decide my (now) husband and I should move to Boston. We didn’t know a single person, we didn’t have jobs, and I had only been here for 3 days the previous summer, but because I thrive on change, Eric and I pulled up to our overpriced studio apartment in Allston, Massachusetts on January 1st, 2007, and that day I became a wedding photographer.

Having begun my career in fine art and commercial photography, I never intended on becoming a wedding photographer, but after an assisting gig fell in my lap in Milwaukee, I quickly realized that weddings combine my wide-ranging photography interests: portraiture, detail work, and architecture. So after Eric and I’s 16-hour drive east, I set up shop as a wedding photographer in Boston.

Now in my 15th year of business, I have photographed close to 200 weddings (check out just some of the many highlights here). I have been featured in several magazines and online blogs, and in 2011 was awarded “Boston’s Best” by the Improper Bostonian, a complete surprise and honor.

Now that you know some of my story, I’d love to know yours! Feel free to reach out via my contact form, or shoot me an email at: ashley@aodell.com.