Another First

This has been the best year of my life. Yesterday Eric and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary, and after spending almost a decade together, it’s fun to have a 1st again. Neither of us thought getting married would feel any different than cohabitating, but it does, it’s even more fantastic.

We packed a lot in this past year, we were married in Italy (yes it was amazing), I opened my studio, we moved (goodbye Allston), traveled to new places, Eric went on tour (I’m married to a rockstar, at least he is to me), and most importantly, enjoyed every single day we had together. I don’t share many personal details online, but I feel incredibly thankful for the opportunities we’ve had, and the people we’ve shared them with, so thank you to those who have played an¬†integral role in our lives.

Moving forward, I’m excited to share in several couples weddings this year, and wish you the same happiness I feel everyday.

And I couldn’t close without posting an image from our amazing friend and photographer Channing. Thank you for documenting a day in our lives in such a beautiful and meaningful way.

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3 Countries, 12 Polaroids

I don’t typically carry a camera with me when my husband and I travel, which shocks some, but although photography is a hobby of mine, it’s also my day job. However, with the revitalization of Polaroid, thanks to the Impossible Project, I’ve found a new way to blend my three favorite things, spending time with my husband, travel and photography. Here are just a few shots from the past year.

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