2012 Travels

When I’m not photographing your wedding I’m probably traveling, or daydreaming about traveling, and until recently I’ve left my camera at home. I’m either in work mode or I’m not, so for the sake of my husband, and an actual vacation, I’ve left my work at work. But having picked up my old film cameras again, in combination with the iPhone, I can take one shot and move on. When I have my work camera on me it becomes a thing, I can’t simply take a photo and walk away, I have to take every possible angle, find the right light, debate if there’s a more interesting subject nearby, etc. Luckily though, an alternate camera brings with it a new attitude, so here are just a few of the many things I saw in 2012. From glaciers in Iceland, to the cliffs in Kauai, to simply wandering around Oregon, San Francisco and New England, I’m inspired to shoot what I love again, the world.

Half of these images are on Fujicolor Pro 400 film, processed and scanned by Richards Photo Lab. The other half of are from the glorious iPhone 4s, processed with Instagram. And surprisingly, they’re not all from the camera you would assume.


3 Countries, 12 Polaroids

I don’t typically carry a camera with me when my husband and I travel, which shocks some, but although photography is a hobby of mine, it’s also my day job. However, with the revitalization of Polaroid, thanks to the Impossible Project, I’ve found a new way to blend my three favorite things, spending time with my husband, travel and photography. Here are just a few shots from the past year.

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