Diana + Chris Engaged

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one hundred times, I adore engagement sessions in couples homes. Two weeks ago I met up with Diana and Chris in the South End for a little pre-wedding portrait session. We hung out inside, on their roof deck, strolled around the neighborhood, and finally finished up by preparing a favorite dish they picked up in Italy over their engagement last fall.

Also, how adorable is Diana’s mint colored dress with orange accents!? Love.

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Karina + Jeff Engaged

I’m back from a brief hiatus, i.e. vacation, of which I may share a few images in the coming months. As snow piles up in New England (although I do love winter) palm trees will start to look pretty good come February.

Now, back to the task at hand. I spent a lovely evening with Karina and Jeff over the weekend documenting their engagement. When I first sit down with a couple I try and learn as much about them as possible, for the most part I already know what the wedding is going to look like, so my ultimate goal is to really understand who my clients are. With Karina and Jeff I knew almost immediately they didn’t want the same ol’ thing when it came to their images, so we decided to document an evening in their lives. We started off with a cocktail, (well, they did) explored their neighborhood, and finally finished up with a favorite dish (also the proposal dish) to close out the evening.

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