Karina + Jeff Engaged

I’m back from a brief hiatus, i.e. vacation, of which I may share a few images in the coming months. As snow piles up in New England (although I do love winter) palm trees will start to look pretty good come February.

Now, back to the task at hand. I spent a lovely evening with Karina and Jeff over the weekend documenting their engagement. When I first sit down with a couple I try and learn as much about them as possible, for the most part I already know what the wedding is going to look like, so my ultimate goal is to really understand who my clients are. With Karina and Jeff I knew almost immediately they didn’t want the same ol’ thing when it came to their images, so we decided to document an evening in their lives. We started off with a cocktail, (well, they did) explored their neighborhood, and finally finished up with a favorite dish (also the proposal dish) to close out the evening.

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Charlie + Tara Engaged

I adore photographing in the snow, but it’s rare to have a scheduled shoot on a day it’s actually going to snow. But on the Sunday after Christmas, it finally happened, and in a blizzard no less. Charlie and Tara were troopers though, even in snow that was falling sideways. And they managed to fake that they were warm, and not being pelted in the eyes with snow flakes.

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