Album Designs

I adore books, and I believe in books, despite the love I have for my iPad. And it’s becoming ever more important to preserve photography in a tangible way. When is the last time you popped that picture DVD into your computer? The day you received it? Never?

In celebration of books, and the album design train I’m on, here are some of the pages I’ve laid out recently.

weddingalbumdesign 018

weddingalbumdesign 006

weddingalbumdesign 005

weddingalbumdesign 011

weddingalbumdesign 001

weddingalbumdesign 016

weddingalbumdesign 002

weddingalbumdesign 007

weddingalbumdesign 003

weddingalbumdesign 017

weddingalbumdesign 013

weddingalbumdesign 004

weddingalbumdesign 010

weddingalbumdesign 009

weddingalbumdesign 008

weddingalbumdesign 015

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