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One of my favorite weddings from August was featured on Carats & Cake today! Katie and Andy held their celebration at the Darrow School in Upstate New York, which made for a unique dorm room experience for their guests, and a killer backdrop for photos. Check out my full blog post HERE!

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where it all started

I know Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap for being a “Hallmark holiday” but any day that celebrates eating chocolate, and being in love, is a good day in my book! So here’s to those who will get engaged today, and to those who have been in love, or hope to be!

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Stonover Farm Wedding on Style Me Pretty

Last week Kate and Phil’s Stonover Farm wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty, check it out HERE!

And for even more loveliness, head on over to my original post, including coverage from their rehearsal dinner at the Norman Rockwell Museum, HERE.


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Looking Back at 2013

Boom, 2013 is in the bank!

Every year this proves to be the most difficult blog post to draft. I imagine it’s a lot like picking a favorite child (I know some of you have them, it just changes on a daily basis I’m guessing.) So as of today, here’s just a tiny slice of my favorite wedding images from 2013. Although tomorrow I am sure to have a new group of favorite photo children.

weddinghighlights2013 007

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weddinghighlights2013 014

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weddinghighlights2013 043

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weddinghighlights2013 050

weddinghighlights2013 052

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weddinghighlights2013 001

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weddinghighlights2013 058

weddinghighlights2013 094

weddinghighlights2013 064

weddinghighlights2013 065

weddinghighlights2013 066

weddinghighlights2013 067

weddinghighlights2013 126

weddinghighlights2013 070

weddinghighlights2013 069

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weddinghighlights2013 109

weddinghighlights2013 081

weddinghighlights2013 082

weddinghighlights2013 084

weddinghighlights2013 085

weddinghighlights2013 088

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weddinghighlights2013 122

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weddinghighlights2013 110

weddinghighlights2013 107

weddinghighlights2013 075

weddinghighlights2013 112

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weddinghighlights2013 115

weddinghighlights2013 124

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weddinghighlights2013 062

weddinghighlights2013 131

weddinghighlights2013 068

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Thank You!

To be honest, I haven’t always known how lucky I’ve been to have the business I do, I’ve mostly kept my head down and powered through. But in recent years I’ve taken the time to reflect back on the previous season, evaluate what I’m happy with, and game plan what I intend to change in the coming year. (I haven’t always been the most reflective person, I suppose because I’ve always been 20 something until this year.) So what I’ve come to realize in my wiser 30s (ha!) and have been completely humbled by in my look back over the last 7 years in wedding photography, is that without the amazing clients who have put their trust in me to document their events, my life wouldn’t be the same, and that’s a pretty big deal! So THANK YOU to all of my clients, old and new, you’ve led me on a pretty killer journey.

Also, a thanks wouldn’t be complete without a nod to all of my photography friends. Without you guys, I would drive myself crazy with business questions. As it turns out, art school didn’t come through teaching us about taxes, customer service, marketing, expenses, etc. So thank you to all of my Milwaukee and Boston friends alike, you’ve made me the person I am today, and for that, I am the luckiest.



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