Betsy + Mike Engaged in NYC

Last weekend I met up with Betsy and Mike at their place in NYC, for some pre-wedding portrait fun. We started off at their apartment, and then wandered over to Grand Central Station and the market, for some cheese shopping at Murray’s, a favorite spot. My only regret though, is not being able to take any back on the train.

I particularly loved their old school map of the world. Betsy teaches third grade, so it made for the perfect backdrop, in addition to their city.

aodell nycengagementsession 001

aodell nycengagementsession 024

aodell nycengagementsession 002

aodell nycengagementsession 003

aodell nycengagementsession 004

NYC rooftop engagement session

aodell nycengagementsession 006

aodell nycengagementsession 007

aodell nycengagementsession 008

aodell nycengagementsession 009

aodell nycengagementsession 010

aodell nycengagementsession 011

Grand Central Station engagement session NYC

aodell nycengagementsession 013

aodell nycengagementsession 014

aodell nycengagementsession 023

aodell nycengagementsession 015

NYC subway station engagement portrait

NYC skyline from Long Island City

aodell nycengagementsession 018

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Erin + Eric at Seven Hills Inn

Erin is a filmmaker for the National Park Service (I tried to convince her they need a still photographer as well, obviously) so I was excited when she got in touch about her and Eric’s wedding in the Berkshires. Western Massachusetts is one of my favorite areas for weddings in New England, and is a place close to Erin’s family as well, with their summer cabin just down the road from Lenox.

Seven Hills Inn had an intimate vibe, the reason they chose it to host their family and friends for the weekend, and Tanglewood is just a few minutes away, so we could take advantage of their grounds for portraits as well.

aodell sevenhillsinn 001

Richard Joseph Salon bridal hairdo

aodell sevenhillsinn 003

aodell sevenhillsinn 004

aodell sevenhillsinn 005

aodell sevenhillsinn 006

aodell sevenhillsinn 007

aodell sevenhillsinn 008

aodell sevenhillsinn 009

bridal makeup prep at Seven Hills Inn

aodell sevenhillsinn 011

aodell sevenhillsinn 012

aodell sevenhillsinn 013

aodell sevenhillsinn 014

aodell sevenhillsinn 015

aodell sevenhillsinn 016

aodell sevenhillsinn 017

aodell sevenhillsinn 072

aodell sevenhillsinn 018

aodell sevenhillsinn 019

aodell sevenhillsinn 020

aodell sevenhillsinn 021

aodell sevenhillsinn 022

portrait of a bride and groom at Tanglewood

cocktail hour at Seven Hills Inn

aodell sevenhillsinn 024

aodell sevenhillsinn 025

aodell sevenhillsinn 069

aodell sevenhillsinn 026

aodell sevenhillsinn 027

aodell sevenhillsinn 070

aodell sevenhillsinn 028

aodell sevenhillsinn 029

aodell sevenhillsinn 030

Jewish wedding ceremony at Seven Hills Inn

aodell sevenhillsinn 071

aodell sevenhillsinn 032

aodell sevenhillsinn 033

aodell sevenhillsinn 034

aodell sevenhillsinn 035

aodell sevenhillsinn 036

aodell sevenhillsinn 037

aodell sevenhillsinn 038

aodell sevenhillsinn 039

aodell sevenhillsinn 040

aodell sevenhillsinn 041

aodell sevenhillsinn 043

aodell sevenhillsinn 044

aodell sevenhillsinn 045

aodell sevenhillsinn 046

aodell sevenhillsinn 047

aodell sevenhillsinn 048

aodell sevenhillsinn 049

aodell sevenhillsinn 050

aodell sevenhillsinn 051

aodell sevenhillsinn 052

aodell sevenhillsinn 053

aodell sevenhillsinn 054

aodell sevenhillsinn 055

aodell sevenhillsinn 056

aodell sevenhillsinn 057

Ceremony + Reception: Seven Hills Inn | Hair: Richard Joseph Salon | Band: The Sweet Beats

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Emily + Joe at the Museum of Science

The Museum of Science was the perfect venue for two engineers to host their ceremony and reception. And speaking of the ceremony, I go to my fair share of events, but Emily and Joe’s unity volcano was even a first for me. (Which was hilariously fantastic.) Here’s to many more baking soda reactions!

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 039

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 001

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 002

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 003

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 004

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 005

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 006

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 007

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 008

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 009

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 010

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 011

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 012

Boston Wedding Photographer

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 014

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 015

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 016

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 017

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 018

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 015

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 020

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 040

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 021

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 022

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 023

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 024

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 025

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 026

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 027

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 028

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 029

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 030

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 031

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 032

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 033

aodell bostonsciencemuseum 034

Getting Ready: Royal Sonesta | Ceremony + Reception: Museum of Science

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Danae + Jason at Laughing Loon

Danae grew up on Lake Winnipesaukee, so although she and Jason now call NYC home, New Hampshire was still the perfect backdrop for their wedding last month. And no lakeside extravaganza would be complete without a grand water entrance. This time provided by the New Hampshire Boat Museum.

aodell laughingloon 064

aodell laughingloon 001

aodell laughingloon 065

aodell laughingloon 002

aodell laughingloon 003

aodell laughingloon 004

aodell laughingloon 005

aodell laughingloon 006

aodell laughingloon 007

aodell laughingloon 008

aodell laughingloon 009

aodell laughingloon 010

aodell laughingloon 011

aodell laughingloon 012

aodell laughingloon 013

aodell laughingloon 014

aodell laughingloon 015

aodell laughingloon 016

aodell laughingloon 017

aodell laughingloon 018

aodell laughingloon 019

aodell laughingloon 020

aodell laughingloon 021

aodell laughingloon 022

aodell laughingloon 023

aodell laughingloon 024

aodell laughingloon 025

aodell laughingloon 026

aodell laughingloon 027

aodell laughingloon 028

aodell laughingloon 029

aodell laughingloon 030

aodell laughingloon 031

aodell laughingloon 032

aodell laughingloon 033

aodell laughingloon 034

aodell laughingloon 035

silhouette of a couple at laughing loon

aodell laughingloon 037

aodell laughingloon 038

aodell laughingloon 039

wedding portrait of a bride and groom at laughing loon

aodell laughingloon 041

lake winnipesaukee at sunset

aodell laughingloon 043

aodell laughingloon 044

aodell laughingloon 045

aodell laughingloon 046

aodell laughingloon 047

aodell laughingloon 048

wedding reception toast by candlelight

aodell laughingloon 050

aodell laughingloon 051

aodell laughingloon 052

aodell laughingloon 053

aodell laughingloon 056

aodell laughingloon 057

aodell laughingloon 055

aodell laughingloon 058

aodell laughingloon 054

aodell laughingloon 059

Ceremony: Saint Katharine Drexel Parish | Reception: Laughing Loon | Florals: Linda's Flowers | Band: Ripcord

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Kristen + Noah at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

From meeting at a Phish concert out of state, to a decked out event at Wequassett Resort, two fabulously fun people came together for a wedding on Cape Cod last month. Kristen also wins for my favorite dress of the season. A simple art deco pattern, in the right fit and fabric, killed it!

aodell Wequassett 001

aodell Wequassett 002

aodell Wequassett 003

aodell Wequassett 004

aodell Wequassett 009

aodell Wequassett 005

aodell Wequassett 008

Groomsmen getting ready at Wequassett Resort

aodell Wequassett 011

aodell Wequassett 012

aodell Wequassett 013

aodell Wequassett 072

aodell Wequassett 014

aodell Wequassett 015

Wequassett Resort portrait of a Bride and Groom

aodell Wequassett 017

a portrait of the wedding party on Cape Cod

aodell Wequassett 019

aodell Wequassett 020

aodell Wequassett 073

aodell Wequassett 074

aodell Wequassett 075

aodell Wequassett 021

aodell Wequassett 022

aodell Wequassett 023

aodell Wequassett 024

aodell Wequassett 025

aodell Wequassett 026

aodell Wequassett 027

Jewish wedding ceremony at Wequassett Resort

aodell Wequassett 028

aodell Wequassett 077

aodell Wequassett 078

aodell Wequassett 029

aodell Wequassett 079

Poppy Floral centerpiece

aodell Wequassett 080

candlelit wedding reception table

aodell Wequassett 032

aodell Wequassett 033

aodell Wequassett 034

aodell Wequassett 035

aodell Wequassett 036

aodell Wequassett 037

aodell Wequassett 038

aodell Wequassett 039

aodell Wequassett 040

aodell Wequassett 041

aodell Wequassett 042

aodell Wequassett 043

aodell Wequassett 044

aodell Wequassett 045

aodell Wequassett 046

aodell Wequassett 047

aodell Wequassett 048

aodell Wequassett 049

aodell Wequassett 050

aodell Wequassett 051

View from Wequassett Resort and Golf Club at night

Ceremony + Reception: Wequassett Resort and Golf Club | Event Design: LoLo Event Design | Florals: Poppy Floral | Makeup: Dani Wagener | Hair: Kashmir Asvaraksh from Viselli Salon | Lighting: Gateway Productions

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