Kristen + Noah at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club

From meeting at a Phish concert out of state, to a decked out event at Wequassett Resort, two fabulously fun people came together for a wedding on Cape Cod last month. Kristen also wins for my favorite dress of the season. A simple art deco pattern, in the right fit and fabric, killed it!

aodell Wequassett 001

aodell Wequassett 002

aodell Wequassett 003

aodell Wequassett 004

aodell Wequassett 009

aodell Wequassett 005

aodell Wequassett 008

Groomsmen getting ready at Wequassett Resort

aodell Wequassett 011

aodell Wequassett 012

aodell Wequassett 013

aodell Wequassett 072

aodell Wequassett 014

aodell Wequassett 015

Wequassett Resort portrait of a Bride and Groom

aodell Wequassett 017

a portrait of the wedding party on Cape Cod

aodell Wequassett 019

aodell Wequassett 020

aodell Wequassett 073

aodell Wequassett 074

aodell Wequassett 075

aodell Wequassett 021

aodell Wequassett 022

aodell Wequassett 023

aodell Wequassett 024

aodell Wequassett 025

aodell Wequassett 026

aodell Wequassett 027

Jewish wedding ceremony at Wequassett Resort

aodell Wequassett 028

aodell Wequassett 077

aodell Wequassett 078

aodell Wequassett 029

aodell Wequassett 079

Poppy Floral centerpiece

aodell Wequassett 080

candlelit wedding reception table

aodell Wequassett 032

aodell Wequassett 033

aodell Wequassett 034

aodell Wequassett 035

aodell Wequassett 036

aodell Wequassett 037

aodell Wequassett 038

aodell Wequassett 039

aodell Wequassett 040

aodell Wequassett 041

aodell Wequassett 042

aodell Wequassett 043

aodell Wequassett 044

aodell Wequassett 045

aodell Wequassett 046

aodell Wequassett 047

aodell Wequassett 048

aodell Wequassett 049

aodell Wequassett 050

aodell Wequassett 051

View from Wequassett Resort and Golf Club at night

Ceremony + Reception: Wequassett Resort and Golf Club | Event Design: LoLo Event Design | Florals: Poppy Floral | Makeup: Dani Wagener | Hair: Kashmir Asvaraksh from Viselli Salon | Lighting: Gateway Productions

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Hannah + Steve at The Sinclair

I’ve been to my fair share of music venues, but this was my first for a wedding! Hannah and Steve are one of the first couples to host their reception at The Sinclair, and to my knowledge, the first in the music hall itself. As with anything, to be the first doesn’t come without it’s challenges, but in the end, the space was polished up for a wedding, yet maintained it’s edge, the reason Hannah and Steve chose The Sinclair to begin with.

aodell thesinclair 001

aodell thesinclair 002

aodell thesinclair 003

aodell thesinclair 004

aodell thesinclair 005

aodell thesinclair 006

aodell thesinclair 007

aodell thesinclair 008

aodell thesinclair 009

aodell thesinclair 048

aodell thesinclair 010

aodell thesinclair 049

aodell thesinclair 011

aodell thesinclair 012

portrait of a bride and groom in Harvard Yard

aodell thesinclair 014

aodell thesinclair 015

aodell thesinclair 050

wedding reception table at The Sinclair

aodell thesinclair 017

aodell thesinclair 018

aodell thesinclair 019

aodell thesinclair 020

aodell thesinclair 021

aodell thesinclair 022

aodell thesinclair 023

aodell thesinclair 024

bride and groom share their first dance at The Sinclair

orchid centerpieces adorned the table at The Sinclair

aodell thesinclair 027

aodell thesinclair 028

aodell thesinclair 029

aodell thesinclair 030

aodell thesinclair 031

aodell thesinclair 051

aodell thesinclair 032

aodell thesinclair 033

aodell thesinclair 034

aodell thesinclair 035

aodell thesinclair 052

aodell thesinclair 036

Wedding Reception at The Sinclair

Ceremony: Harvard-Epworth UMC | Reception: The Sinclair | Event Planning + Design: EFD Creative - Event Planning & Design | Florist: Jeri Solomon Floral Design | Band: Soul of Boston | Lighting: Suzanne B. Lowell Lighting Design

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Taylor + Nick at Jonathan Edwards Winery

Jonathan Edwards Winery is another favorite of mine, but this was my first visit during the summer months. August 8th was perfection. Green as far as the eye could see, lush vines, beautiful light, and a great group of people. The attire for the day was on point as well. Taylor’s BHLDN dress had a hint of blush, a perfect compliment to the winery, and the groomsmen jackets had a little flavor (on the interior) as well.

Jonathan Edwards Winery

groom getting ready in the barrel room at Jonathan Edwards Winery

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 061

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 003

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 004

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 062

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 063

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 005

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 006

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 007

Jonathan Edwards wedding ceremony

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 009

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 010

Bridesmaid bouquets by Greenlion Weddings

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 012

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 013

Bride and Groom celebrate being married

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 015

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 016

Wedding Party at Jonathan Edwards Winery

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 018

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 019

portrait of a bride and groom at Jonathan Edwards Winery

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 021

Bridal bouquet by Greenlion Weddings

Portrait of a bride and groom in a vineyard

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 023

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 024

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 065

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 066

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 025

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 026

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 027

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 067

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 028

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 029

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 068

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 030

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 031

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 032

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 033

First dance for the Bride and Groom

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 035

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 036

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 037

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 038

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 039

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 040

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 041

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 042

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 043

aodell jonathanedwardswinery 044

Ceremony + Reception: Jonathan Edwards Winery | Wedding Dress: BHLDN | Florals: Greenlion Weddings

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Katie + Julian at the Boston Public Library

You may remember Katie and Julian from their killer engagement session this spring in California. If not, definitely check it out HERE!

Fast forward to August, when I joined them at one my favorite venues in New England, the Boston Public Library, for their wedding extravaganza. Personal details like the floral¬†embroidery from the wedding dress of Katie’s mom was added to hers, the notebook wedding favors, and the very reason they hosted their event in a library (a fitting choice for two writers) all made for a meaningful celebration. Not to mention their fantastic families and friends, who gave some of the most hilarious and creative toasts.

Thanks for welcoming me to your home in California, and for including me in your wedding here in Boston! Whaddaya say, this time next year again?

Wedding bouquets by Poppy Floral

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 002

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 003

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 004

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 005

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 006

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 007

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 008

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 009

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 010

Vera Wang wedding dress

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 059

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 012

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 060

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 013

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 014

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 015

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 017

silhouette of a bride and groom at the Boston Public Library

wedding portrait of a couple at the Boston Public Library

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 061

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 020

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 021

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 022

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 023

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 024

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 025

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 026

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 027

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 028

wedding ceremony in the Boston Public Library courtyard

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 030

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 062

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 031

Bates Hall wedding reception

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 032

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 033

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 034

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 035

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 036

Abbey Room first dance

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 038

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 039

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 040

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 041

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 042

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 043

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 044

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 045

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 046

Abbey Room wedding reception

aodell bostonpubliclibrary 048

Getting Ready: The Fairmont Copley Plaza | Makeup: Kerri Herlihy | Dress: Vera Wang | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Ceremony + Reception: Boston Public Library | Flowers: Poppy Floral | Catering: Gourmet Caterers


Hayley + Lorenzo at The Connors Center

On July 18th Hayley and Lorenzo celebrated their 10th anniversary of dating. And now, that is their wedding anniversary as well! (Although Lorenzo was pulling for a 7-Eleven themed wedding, which fell the Saturday before.)

After the long haul of law school, they returned to a Boston College property one more time, with a professor in tow (conveniently who is also a judge) to finally get married, and celebrate with their family and friends. It was an emotional day for everyone (including me) as a crying groom gets me everytime!

aodell connorscenter 001

aodell connorscenter 002

aodell connorscenter 003

aodell connorscenter 004

aodell connorscenter 005

aodell connorscenter 006

aodell connorscenter 007

aodell connorscenter 008

aodell connorscenter 009

aodell connorscenter 011

aodell connorscenter 012

aodell connorscenter 051

Bride and Groom processional at The Connors Center

aodell connorscenter 013

aodell connorscenter 014

aodell connorscenter 015

aodell connorscenter 016

aodell connorscenter 017

aodell connorscenter 018

aodell connorscenter 019

aodell connorscenter 020

aodell connorscenter 021

aodell connorscenter 022

aodell connorscenter 023

aodell connorscenter 024

wedding ceremony at The Connors Center

aodell connorscenter 053

Portrait of a bride and groom at The Connors Center

aodell connorscenter 026

aodell connorscenter 055

aodell connorscenter 027

aodell connorscenter 028

aodell connorscenter 029

wedding cake

aodell connorscenter 056

aodell connorscenter 057

aodell connorscenter 031

aodell connorscenter 032

aodell connorscenter 033

aodell connorscenter 034

aodell connorscenter 035

aodell connorscenter 036

Ceremony + Reception: The Connors Center

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